Vidalista 80mg Tadalafil

Vidalista is one of the most refined forms of tadalafil (generic Cialis) you can find. It guarantees a satisfying and prolonged effect that will allow you to have erections as often as you want, provided you are sexually stimulated, without having to worry about the evil of erectile dysfunction.

Vidalista unblocks the arteries that take blood to the penis region, thus providing stronger erections. 


It starts to take effect 30 minutes after its consumption, providing incredibly better erections and lasting from half a day to a whole day.

Consuming the product on an empty stomach helps to obtain a more effective effect i.e. before a meal or after digestion.

If you suffer from any illness consult your doctor before taking it.


It is advisable to avoid all alcoholic beverages and fatty foods if you wish to prolong the effectiveness of the product.


Pack of 10 tablets

Vidalista 80mg Tadalafil Cialis
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