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YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Active ingredient: 4mg YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS

YK-11 is very anabolic and is also used as a myostatin blocker!

Product Description:

YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS. A selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), Which is said to work More Effectively than conventional testosterone and is also a highly sought-after myostatin inhibitor, is the new and still unexplored but available SARM named YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS.


YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS is a novel oral SARM, a selective androgen receptor modulator, Which acts as a myostatin inhibitor in parallel with its effect and charm. YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS has tremendously high bioavailability and it has also been shown that YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS binds very selectively to the androgen receptors of the muscle tissue. Although a great deal of research is still Necessary with this substance, it is apparent that YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS acts anabolically more than testosterone without the steroid-like side effects. The inhibition of the protein myostatin (GDF-8) triggered by YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS likewise contributes to the fact that the anabolic potential of this substance is significantly higher than in the SARMs available to date.

YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals

So far, it has been shown that the effect of YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS is to be much stronger than that of LGD-4033rd It was found that YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS has stronger anabolic properties and lower androgenic side effects with the same dosage Compared to LGD-4033rd In addition, under the influence of YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS, the muscle cell cultures produced Significantly more than anabolic growth factors under the influence of DHT (see DHT inhibitor), ie dihydrotestosterone, Which is the most bioactive form of testosterone. YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS allows the muscles to have the general effect as SARM, Which has a much greater growth potential due to the greatly increased production of follistatin, the counterpart of myostatin. YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS apparently causes muscle cells to produce follistatin Significantly more than they do under the influence of DHT. The protein myostatin, just opposite to the follistatin, Ensures that the muscle composition is not limited in simplified terms. By inhibiting myostatin, the muscle build-up is much more extensive and faster than would normally be the case.


At the dosages so far speaks of 2-10mg YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS divided 1-2 on the day and gifts for ideal results. This low dosage, in turn, Indicates the strong potential of this charm. The medication should not Exceed 6-8 weeks. Although little is known about the suppression of body-borne testosterone production, and so-called PCT, ie post-cycle therapy, should be performed for safety reasons. In addition, the intake of zinc while taking YK-11 Magnus SARMS Pharmaceuticals is recommended as a natural aromatase inhibitor.

Possible side effects:

Although the YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals SARMS have not yet been shown to have any real side effects, a suppressive effect on the body's testosterone balance is likely. Steroid-type side effects are Largely excluded.

50 tablets YK-11 (capsules).

YK-11 Magnus Pharma

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