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Enanta-Med Testosterone Enanthate Bioniche Pharma

Bodybuilders call it Testosterone enanthate. It is highly anabolic steroid that can build solid muscle mass and strength, for muscle growth

Any form of testosterone is immensely effective for the human body and all the ester forms of it is heavily functional for achieving the muscle growth and desired physical traits.

This anabolic androgenic substance is appreciated for its effective benefits for muscle growth and strength enhancement. With this substance.

The substance is used for performance enhancing drugs by thousands of sports people.


Like most other anabolic supplements, the administration of Enanta-Med is important too!

One cannot expect the results without following the exact dosage.

This product is available in injectable form and this makes it very effective.

The primary use of this hormone is for muscle growth and strength enhancement however, it is also helpful for increased growth hormone production.

As far as the dosage is concerned, this would vary depending on the individuals health needs and conditions however, the standard dosage ranges in between 300-2000 mg per week.

And the typical cycle is 8-16 weeks. Whenever, more than 300 mg per week is consumed, an anti-estrogen is required to mitigate the estrogenic side effects.

Pack: 10ml (300mg/ml)

Enanta-Med Bioniche Pharma

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